Kenn Bailey

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Nome: Kenn Bailey
Professione: Cantante inglese

In Breve

Is a singer songwriter and Saxophonist born in the UK, who performs ‘live’ concerts and works in various studios.
He’s been described as “a soulful talent” of Anglo Jamaican roots, who has “the ability to capture and motivate” listeners with music.
His music is a fusion of Soul, Jazz and R&B with a reggae twist, coin a phrase ”BO Pop” pop of Black Origin.
He has an extensive vocal range with “rich warm qualities”, and a sound on his Sax that’s wide and Colourful.
He uses inflections of Jazz and Blues in his Playing and singing that are binary to his background of Gospel.
He often plays Clubs, Theatres and Festivals and different events public and private.
This has enabled him to play in and around Europe on a growing international forum.
Italy, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.
With names like:  Joyce yuille, Michele Bonivento, Francesco Casale, Vince Vallicelli, Pippo Guernera, Enrico Crivellaro, Teo Ciaverella, Boško Petrović, Ronnie Jones, Dilu Miller, Mike Sponza, Luca Bortoluzzi, Chris Costa, Paolo Andriolo.

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